Twisted Demon; Schomburgkia spp.

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Watercolor painting of an unidentified schomburgkia species; Twisted Demon

Twisted Demon; Schomburgkia spp.

Original Watercolor painting of the orchid species by Rose Ganucheau

Work: 22" x 30"

When I first saw this head of glossy chocolate-red twisty-curvy schomburgkias, I simply HAD to paint it. 

I soon realized how crazy I was to take on a challenge of this scope. 

Schonburgkia species; watercolor art painting of an unidentified orchid species

But still I painted on.

For hours and hours, and days and days I kept telling myself "Just STOP!,  You'll NEVER finish it.

But still I painted on.

I found myself hoping against hope that the flowers would simply shrivel up and dry....

But NO...they stayed as fresh as the day they opened. 

 And still I painted on.

and then...

one day...

it was done.

Original Not For Sale