American Cattleyas by Courtney Hackney

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 76 pages full color
Photo Gallery with 362 Images of species and hybrids spanning the 20th Century

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 Chapter One

Table of Contents

Gallery Previews

Pink Hybrids
G-28    G-29

Early Yellow Hybrids

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American Cattleyas by Courtney Hackney

American Cattleyas
Species and Outstanding Clones That Define American Hybridizing
Courtney T. Hackney
Published in August 2004:


A Limited number of the hard-covered edition are still available at $56.95, plus shipping. 

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This picture-packed publication chronicles the development of all the major lines of cattleya orchid hybrids in the USA, and explores the contributions of important species to those hybrids. Based on extensive interviews of prominent hybridizers and commercial growers, scientific articles, orchid trade magazines, and by the author's 30+ years of experience growing orchids, this book explains the approach used by American hybridizers during the 20th Century. 

American Cattleyas is oriented toward all those with an interest in the "Queen of Orchids". Written by a professor of biology (and orchid fanatic), it is targeted toward the hobbyist in non-technical language, it contains chapters on species that form the basis of modern hybrids, hybridizing strategies, inheritance in cattleyas, culture, exhibiting and judging different hybrid lines, and a glimpse at the many nurseries and individuals that contributed to the rich history of cattleya growing in America. The book follows the development of the major hybrid lines in the Cattleya Alliance, from the foundation species to prominent clones in the background of today’s award winners. The story is pictorially illustrated in a 76 page, stand-alone, color gallery containing 362 photographs. Some of these photographs are over 50 years old while others show the modern culmination of generations of hybridization captured by the latest digital technology.  The book is 9" x 11.25".

American Cattleyas picture of open book

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, 

"I truly enjoyed reading it [The Book]. I’m old enough to remember when an orchid corsage was still truly something special, yet not altogether common. Your text makes it clear why and how cattleyas were so important to so many people and you explain who did the work to make them available and beautiful."   Mr. Neal Maillet, Executive Editor Timber Press.

"I had a marvelous time reading over your book. I think it is a wonderful book full of interesting historical information I was unaware of. I feel that I understand Cattleya hybridization a lot better after reading your book and I bet it will become a classic reference." - William P. Rogerson, AOS judge and recipient of many AOS Awards.

"For anyone that grows orchids, cattleyas or not, your book will be a must have, if only to be able to read about the mastery and dedication of the masters [hybridizers].  You have done a fantastic job and I personally cherish the additional personal information that you have provided about people that I have had the pleasure to know and respect." - Mr. Fred Misbach, Atlanta, Georgia, Expert Cattleya grower and recipient of many AOS awards 

"I’m tremendously well impressed with your work! It’s the most thoroughly done material on this subject I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to get a copy of your finished book." - Mr. Ed Horton, Englewood, CO, noted hybridizer of splash-petaled cattleyas after reviewing a part of the book dealing with splash-petaled or clown-type cattleyas.

"a real page-turner. He includes first-rate chapters on culture, orchid genetics, hybridizing strategies, and the history of the orchid industry in the United States. The text is illustrated with 362 stunning color photographs; many of these are of historic clones and hybrids that I have never seen pictured before....a classic reference for the hobbyist and commercial grower alike." -WILLIAM P. ROGERSON In: Orchid Digest

A Limited number of the hard-covered edition are still available at $56.95, plus shipping. 

How to Order