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by Rose Ganucheau 

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Fiery orange Kalanchoe flower floral watercolor art painting

Winter Heat

Original watercolor painting of a fiery orange Kalanchoe complimented by lush succulent leaves.

Winters Solace watercolor Pink Camellia

Winter's Solace 

Original watercolor painting of a pink camellia.

Thank you, whoever planted this beauty that reminds me of the coming Spring in the dead of winter.  It is my pink muse.

red peony form camellia flower floral watercolor art painting

Crimson Camellia

Original watercolor painting of a red peony form camellia.

It was cold brisk day at the New Hanover County Arboretum.  I was struck by not only the intensity of the red camellias with there perfect pompoms of central petals, but by the amazing contrast between the dense cool shade of the bushes against leaves, so shiny, they were like mirrors reflecting the sky.

Morning Glory watercolor art painting print giclee

Morning's Glory

Original watercolor painting of purple morning glories twining on a porch rail. Available as a giclee' print.

 Is there a plant that gives more freely of itself than the Morning Glory?  The abundant blooms are always startling in their here-today, gone-tomorrow existence.  To see what was bare vines the night before, suddenly covered in a riot of color the next morning leaves you awe-stuck at the almost magical power of nature. 

waterlily waterlilies art watercolor painting purpla and gold

Purple Dazzler

Original watercolor painting of a purple and gold water lily.

A trip to the New Hanover Co. Arboretum is a feast for the senses.  The Lily pond sparkled and dazzled that day.  The calico leaves of this purple and gold flowered lily created a riot of color.

waterlilies, waterlily, art flower flowers painting yellow

Lilly's First Morning

Watercolor painting of a creamy-yellow water lily as it opens.

The petals of this Lily flower were still crinkled from opening.  They were soft and delicate and almost translucent.

forest fine art painting morning light

Gothic Forest

Watercolor painting of the artist's backyard.

The woods in my backyard open to a horse pasture.  In the morning, as the sun chases the shadows of night, the glow of sunlight and reflected light from the field comes streaming through the forest giving it the feel of stain glass; reminding me of the great cathedrals. 

wisteria flower fine art still life painting watercolor

Wild Wisteria

Watercolor painting of a tangle of wisteria vines in full bloom in coastal Carolina.

Wisteria thrives in the wild in coastal Carolina.  Huge rope-like vines coil around the pine trees on their journey to the tops of the branches.  You don't even notice as you drive by day after day, until one day the whole tree is a riot of dangling grape-like clusters of lavender flowers.  In this painting, I was trying to capture the feel of that tangled riot of color as well as the soft muted shades of green.

fine art flower garden prairie cone flowers painting

Prairie Coneshowers

Mixed media painting of prairie cone flowers (Echinacea) blooming in the artist's "Impossible Garden".

One of the steps of the famous poster "How to Become an Artist" is "Plant Impossible Gardens".  This is mine!

This painting is one of a series of works that explores the way we "visualize" the world around us.

Carolina Fall leaves southern fine art painting still life

Carolina Fall

Original, watercolor, still life, painting of southern, coastal, fall leaves.

In coastal Carolina, we have some amazing and often over-looked fall foliage.  For this still life, I gathered some of our native jewels from my yard including, winged sumac, red maple, Carolina creeper (they call it Virginia creeper one state up, teehee), and my favorite for the amazing array of colors it produces; sweet gum.

forest painting fine art hudson river school inspired

Hudson's Inspiration

Watercolor landscape painting of a forest in golden fog.

Inspired by an exhibit of the great landscape painters of the Hudson River School.  When art inspires the creation of more art, I guess it has come full circle....

fall leaves fine art painting still life southern sweet gum tree

Sweet Gun Palette

Original watercolor painting of fall sweet gum leaves.

If you've ever had a gum tree in your yard, you know what a pain (metaphorically and literally) the gum balls are.  Naturalists tell us that gum trees are fantastic for wildlife, and, to me, they have the most amazing fall foliage.  The leaves turn just about every color in my paint box, including a purple so dark it looks black.  I always end up with a fist-full of them on fall walks in my neighborhood.  I marvel at the way the colors blend, like watercolors on the page.  I get "Pigment Envy".



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