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 The List: The plants listed are currently available. Updated 8/31/2011

Questions??? email Courtney 

Bl Richard Mueller 'Orchidheights' HCC/AOS Tetraploid version with heads of spotted yellow flowers. $35  
Bc Jimminy Cricket 'Gee Whiz' HCC/AOS Wonderful green brasso, sprouted backbulbs $25  
Bulb paluance v gigantea x Bulb echinolabium 'Hackneau' Bulb paluance is a smaller, fast growing species with orangish bulbs.  It produces multiple spikes from each bulb that typically carry 2 or 3 flowers at once.  It is a sequential bloomer, but tends to bloom out within a couple of months.  It looks very much like a smaller version of echinolabium.  My Bulb echinolabium has very wide petals and sepals.  These are fast growing.  Looking for more, echinolabium-like, intermediate sized  flowers per plant blooming all at once.  Limited number available.  Com Pot containing 2-5 plants. $20 per com pot  
C. aurantiaca v. aurea Select seedling $30  
C. intertexta v. coerulea 'Joe' Light blue with darker lip.  Good parent. $50  
C. schroederae Select plant from a cross of the standard form crossed with "The Baron" $50  
C. skinneri 'Heidi Jacobs' FCC/AOS Extremely dark form of easy to grow species. $40  
C. trianae v. coerulea Backbulb div. $40  
C walkeriana v. semi-alba 'Kenny' AM/AOS Blooming size division. $40  
Coel. South Carolina Select clone.  Green flowers with black lip. Blooming size division. $30  
Epi porpax alba ‘Harford’ CHM/AOS alba form of above with bronzy-green lip. $20 Epidendrum porpax v alba 'Harford' CHM
L tenebrosa Dark form.  Backbulb division. $20  
Milt spectabilis
var. mooreana
Superb, dark purple flowers produced on a heat tolerant species.  Excellant clone of this species.  2-3 bulb bare-root divisions. $50 Miltonia-spectabile-var-mooreana-'Mendenhall'
Mormyrica ringens Unuaual interesting, easy-to-grow with Cattleyas. $20  
Schom moyambe Select clone of this hard to find large growing species with its very curly flowers.  Spikes can be 4-5’ in length. Sprouted backbulbs.  $20 available
Schom wallisii Select form.  Sprouted backbulbs. $20  
Schombocattleya Mem. Jimmy McKeral X Schom Exulta Large pink schombo flowers on  long stem.  Blooming size division. $30  
Schombocattleya Dulatica 'Clyde' Red flowers on manageable stem.  Blooming size division.
Phal Melodious Bells ‘Virginia’s Splish-splash’   This unusual clone resisted stemming for several years, but is finally producing all the stems I need.  Best of all, it produces seeds and some of the seedlings have varying degrees of the unusual splash.  It is also a good grower.  The next generation should flatten out the flowers and improve the form.  Stem Prop $35 Phalaenopsis Melodius Bells 'Virginia's Splish Splash'