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American Cattleyas Orchid Book by Courtney Hackney
American Cattleyas

by Courtney Hackney

362 Photos,
"a classic reference"

The Hackneau Collection
Orchid plants, divisions and stem props.  Choose from a list of our award-winning collection.

Orchid Growing Tips: Having a problem with your plants?  Check here for numerous how-to articles on orchid culture.  Courtney's column is carried by several orchid societies around the nation.
The Art of Rose Ganucheau
Take an Art Break, and Browse through the Gallery.
Photo galleries of original art and reproductions of Cattleyas and Other Orchids, also, other Flowers and Still Lifes, and Pastel Landscapes.  Lastly, there are galleries of Prints and Giclee's

Hackneau (Pronounced hack-no) is the combination of our two last names that we use for our orchid collection.  Courtney is a marine ecologist specializing in coastal wetlands.  The former Director of Coastal Biology at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, he is now Professor Emeritus, i.e. he retired.  Rose is an artist with a biologist's eye and an avid gardener. 

Courtney Hackney was raised with orchids growing wild in the Florida Keys.  He met Rose Ganucheau* while teaching biology in Southern Louisiana.  They started their orchid collection in North Carolina in the 80’s in a small lean-to greenhouse attached to the garage, convinced that a 6’ x 8’ greenhouse was plenty of space for an orchid collection.  A few greenhouses, a few thousand plants, and decades of experience later, Courtney is still growing orchids, albeit in a much bigger space, and Rose is still admiring and painting them. 

In our website you will find lots of information on orchids.  Courtney’s interest in American orchid hybridizing  resulted in a book, American Cattleyas, published in 2004, a few snippets of which are found on this site along with many old and restored photos.  There is also an extensive collection of his monthly orchid growing columns; Growing Tips, that was carried by numerous Orchid Societies. 

While we don’t offer plants online, we do offer occasional divisions of “classic” orchids, and flasks and seedlings of some of our crosses.  These are available at speaking presentations at local Orchid Societies. 

While you’re here, take a minute to stroll through the Art Gallery.  It includes portraits of orchids as well as the plants growing in their natural habitat.  There are galleries of other flowers and landscapes, and print galleries, too.

*Rhymes with "can you show".

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"Unappreciated Species in the Background of Modern Cattleya Hybrids"


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